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Virginia Beach, VA

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

Window Replacement

Reason for the work: Window failure due to wood sheathing rot.

Scope of work: replacement of 9 windows; repair/replacement of damaged wood sheathing, J-channel, and vinyl siding; Tyvek wrap of sheathing and window trim.

The original contract was written for window replacement but the discovery of rotten wood sheathing led to additional items being addressed, which of course led to an extension to the time to complete the work.

I am extremely pleased with the workmanship. Because the interior of the house has plaster meeting the window area and due to the fact that the new windows run deeper into the house, the plaster on the interior had to be carefully chiseled away to allow the new windows to be installed. In addition, the window sills had to be trimmed to accommodate the new window depth.

The carpenter who oversaw the job and did the lion’s share of the work was Nick Fee. He is a very amiable fellow who works with meticulous professionalism. The work site was left tidy each evening and at the completion of the work, everything was in order.