The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

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Roof repair and replacement, includes photos of recent work and clarification details of roof and window jobs.


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Newport News, VA

The Roofing Company & The Remodeling Company

Good work comes at a price

The workmanship of the Roofing Company is superb, however it does come at a price. Compared to other companies doing the same work TRC is considerably higher in its estimates. I have consulted with neighbors regarding roof repair costs they have incurred and companies they have hired to do the work. Since the repairs that TRC does...roof long term, sometimes once in a lifetime, it is difficult to compare the lasting quality of a specific repair with other companies who offer the same work at lower prices.

I have a rather large gripe about their policy of requiring 1/2 of the estimated repair costs be paid prior to beginning the actual repair. In my case they kept close to 700 dollars of my money for SEVERAL MONTHS prior to doing any work. This is money I could have been using for that period, but instead they had the use of it.

I don't mind making a down payment, but it would seem to me that much less than half the cost should be required, and it should be due no longer than 1 month prior to the work being performed. With the volume of work this company does, it seems obvious to me that if a customer defaults, they would easily be able to fill the work time allotted to the defaulter with another job(s). It just seems to me that this practice is an rather unscrupulous way to keep operating capital high at all times at the customer's expense.