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All of our services revolve around assisting people with IRS problems, and how to get them out of hot water with the IRS.


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Advanced Tax Solutions CPA, PC

two years later still owe back taxes

Advance Tax Solutions

Has been around for a long time. Very knowledgable. Here this, Advance Tax Solutions just ""provides tax documents from previous years and Warranty of there work and thats about it.""

They are indirectly an extension of IRS and State Revenue service meaning TAXES are law of the land. An individual will still have to pay back arrears years taxes especially if u have W2 issues.

I used service in 2016 to catch up on six years of not filing since 2009. The peace of mind ($400) u pay is for paper work for those specific years. $2400 dollars I paid for 6 years worth of not filing W2 to get in yearly terms with IRS and State of Colorado.

If individual had access to paper work u could submit yourself. If you have W2, it's pretty cookie cutter whatever u owe is what u owe with penalty and interest. If W2 gets refund you will get it minus penalties. If owner or 1099 then different ball game since you tax deductions are available.

I now have issue from 2009 for state taxes which thought resolved in 2016 with Advance Tax Solutionsi and working directly with state on that.

In Sept 2018, I received demand letter from State of Colorado for 1200 dollars for 2010. This after paying off 500 bucks to state and another amount with IRS in 2017 for other years.

Pieved and upset, i thought the state is right...I need pay off the 1200 bucks from 2010. Its been 8 years.

What I can provide is the 1200 bucks collects $400 in interest and two $199 penalties in 8 years from 2010 for W2 but probable subject to each situation

The good news is you can get payment plan set up with IRS and State of Colorado. Even million dollar business can delay paying there taxes.

From my understanding you can have three years not submitting before demand letters come. I been fortunate to pay 125 bucks per week and State of Colorado likes that arrangement. I paid off two now focusing on my last one. 125 bucks is about three months pay of $900.

The State of Colorado website is a mystery to get into so save your passwords. I have not had any trouble getting payment plans set up...but recommend "" start with third year.""
U can pay 125 bucks week on third and pay 10 bucks a month on the other years.

Once again the $400 u pay is peace of mind, previous tax year paper you can't find and Warranty. Talking with State of Colorado made me realize some elements. Bottom line, taxes are law of land.