Apollo Dental Center

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A local dentistry branch located in Rochester, MN.


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Kasson , MN

Apollo Dental Center

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They were clean and professional...perhaps to professional. My wife got full dentures through them, myself and kids also received treatment through their clinic and we probably spent over 6000 dollars there (including payments through insurance) the last 18 months. I thought our bill had been squared up but apparently there was a less than a 20 dollar balance that went to collections. When my wife called to schedule an appointment for a dental alignment, (because they are to uncomfortable to even use and a service which we already paid for in the costs of the dentures), they informed us that not only are they not doing the denture adjustment but we are no longer clients. Now, i get that we should have been more diligent about making sure the very small bill was paid, but black listing our family of 7 over such a small thing is just plain uncompassionate. Bringing our business elsewhere I guess.