Sensiba San Filippo LLP

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Certified public accountants and business advisors.


accounting services

Laura's Review




San Carlos, CA

Sensiba San Filippo LLP

Whether the problem is large or small they will respond quickly.

We bought our company 20 years ago and knew one of the partners at Sensiba San Filippo, so we started using them. We have been very pleased with them and would not think to change. They really accommodate all our needs, both small and large, in a quick time frame so that our stress decompresses.

At this point we have worked with multiple people within Sensiba San Filippo, and they have all been very professional. They get everything done as quickly as possible, without milking it out. Right now Jennifer comes about once a month to help me, and she knocks out what I need in no time at all. She helps with data entry, Excel, and anything else I might need.

It is a real good company. Anytime I have a problem they have someone who can help me. Large or small problems, anytime we call them the response is right there, or they will send us to a source that can help. Sensiba San Filippo is a very professional company.

Laura Agresti
Cocconi Electric