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Cordia Plumbing

Can't even get a bid from these people

I had a large job that I needed a licensed plumber for, so they sent the owner Steve to come over to give me a bid. The little guy came over on a Tuesday. I asked him when he could get me a bid and when they could do the work. He said he would email me a bid the next day, and the work would probably be done the next week. Wednesday came and went, no bid. Thursday morning I called the office, they promised me they would talk to Steve and I would get an email Friday. Friday, afternoon no email, so I called the office talked to a different person. "I promise I will talk to him about it this afternoon and get you a bid on Monday". Monday morning I called at 8 am, "Steve said he promises he will get you a bid this afternoon". It is now Wednesday night, and have yet to receive a bid.

Who makes 3 separate promises and then does not uphold them? I am guessing someone I do not want to do business with.

I am a painter and give bids all the time, one time it took me 48 hours, never ever took me any longer than that. Steve by the way took no notes, no pictures, and a week later promised to get me a bid. I wish I had received the bid, just so I could see if he even remembered the giant list of things I wanted done or if he was just going to make a up a number. I am guessing the later.

The reason I chose these guys is I had worked on some jobs at the same time as them and thought they did a good enough job. At that time they told me they would take all the scrap metal from their jobs, copper, cast iron from radiators and save it all up and at some point take it all in. The proceeds would be large enough to send several if not all of them on vacation in the Carribean, I was reminded of this when the Steve showed up in March with an August tan. If they make that much money from it, seems like somebody is getting the short end of the stick, and it isn't Cordia plumbing.