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Hoosier Hardwood Floors is a full service hardwood flooring company. Offering Prefinished, Site-finished, & Refinishing of hardwood floors.
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Extremely Rude Man Because I Asked Him To Wear A Mask

I personally requested this appointment for my employer a week ago. This man who never gave his name either came to the door and asked for my employer. I introduced myself and ask him if he had a mask with him. He said no. I said okay I’m sorry, but we have a immunocompromised child who lives here and I can go get you a mask real quick. I apologized again and went to go get him a mask. This was ALL at the request of my employer. When I get back to give him a mask, he asks why I am not wearing one and I respond saying that I work here and my employer doesn’t require me too as I am here so much. He then asks me how to wear the mask extremely rudely while pretending to struggle putting it on. I ask him if there is a problem and he responds with yes. I go and talk to my boss and did so after telling him that’s what I was going to do. She tells me I can tell him to leave since it is a problem. He then tells me that I NEVER explained to him what was going on which WAS NOT the case at all. I told him before leaving to go get him a mask the reason for it. I am respecting my employers wishes. After I termine him of that fact he storms off. He was $@!#% because I asked him if he had a mask and the fact that he had to wear one. If you have immunocompromised children or are immunocompromised yourself, I would suggest NOT using them for your future projects.