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Web Video Vision

WebVideo Vision rescued my Website

Being an actor, my website is really important to me. It is one of my "calling cards" for the biz. I need it to send to directors, etc. A director tried to access my website a week ago & let me know it was down. After the initial panic had subsided, I tried to contact my old website host (will call NONAME from this point on) to no avail. I didn't have any disks of the site (my bad) to be able to send to anyone else so they could host me. So after a week of trying to reach NONAME, I called WebVideo Vision to see if they could help me. In my mind, I thought there was no way, anyone could get this site going again. Phil immediately took this project at 10:00am & within 30 minutes had contact info for the NONAME. Phil then contacted NONAME to ask for the files. I went to lunch at 11:30am, still thinking no way. An hour later I have a phone message from Phil letting me know he had the files & he was waiting for go daddy to recognize the new web host site. Whew, what a relief! I went to hopeless to happy within 4 hours! The people at WebVideo Vision are the best.... they didn't have to go to the lengths they did, but they did & I am really glad they did. Talk about customer service!