Kono Consulting, Inc.

Business Description:

Provider of Managed Consulting Services for Microsoft Dynamics based business solutions.


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5 Stars

San Francisco, CA


Very positive experience. Knowledgeable, available and responsive.

We were getting ready to upgrade our accounting software and needed someone to come in and help with that. We looked at a few different vendors. Kono Consulting fit into our budget requirements, so we decided to go with them. We have been using Kono Consulting... Read More

4 Stars


Strong technical expertise. Effective project management.

We have been using Kono Consulting for three years. They were initially recommended to us as one of the better service providers for the software that they support, in our area. Recently, we engaged them in a large, two-month project. This was the first time we... Read More

4 Stars


Timely. Professional. Great people.

I have been using Kono Consulting for 10 years. My first experience with them was when I worked for the Northern California Institute for Research and Education (NCIRE). The IT manager of that company hired Kono. Then I started my own company and continued using... Read More

4 Stars


Good, open communication. Great relationship.

We had worked with Kono Consulting in the past, along with other consultants, and recently decided to work with them again. We chose Kono because they have the knowledge and experience that our finance staff doesn't have. They were not as big as some of the other... Read More

4 Stars


Good organization. Good way of doing things.

We had been dealing with a consultant that was based in London and wanted to work with an organization closer to us. We knew that Kono Consulting had experience with a sister organization and they were happy with the service from Kono Consulting. I had also been to... Read More