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Casey Automotive is your complete full service automotive repair shop with 3 convenient locations to better serve you. Family owned and operated since 1976.



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Palatine, IL

Casey Automotive

5 stars all around

My husband and I have been searching for Years to find a local shop where we can get oil changes and regular non-dealer maintenance and repairs, without being taken advantage of because of our lack of car knowledge. Every time I'd find a shop I felt "comfortable" with, they would literally up and disappear overnight. (Happened twice in the same building in 3 years. I won't mention names because one was actually a small chain and I'm not here to make your competition look bad, in these cases they did that themselves).

We both needed new tires, my car needed them more desperately, and I got quotes from the dealer and my husband went to Casey's to get a comparable quote. He was so impressed with the service and knowledge, that he told me to go ahead and get my new tires at Casey's. So one morning I happened to be running errands and was informed by another motorist that one of my tires was dangerously low. Not only do I not know how to put air in my tires, but I am disabled. So I went to Casey's, hoping to make an appointment to get my new tires, and hoping they would fill my low tire in the meantime.
They went 2 steps better. Not only were they able to replace my tires that very day, but they also gave me a loaner car, because I hadn't planned to not have my car that day. One gentleman remembered speaking to my husband, and he noted there had been a rebate offered since he spoke to my husband, that would give me a higher quality tire for a net (post-rebate) difference of only $30 (total! not per tire!) ..... but he wanted to talk to my husband himself about it, because he didn't want to appear to be doing a "bait-and-switch" (because they weren't!) :)

But my husband was out of town and unreachable. I knew he would want to accept the rebate and improved tires, so I did, AND the gentleman at Casey's even filled out all the rebate forms for us! I had to do NOTHING to collect my rebate, except sit back and wait for the check to come (and I've been getting email updates regarding the status of the rebate).

At NO time did ANYONE pressure me for any additional work or services, although my husband and I will be returning not only for his tires, but for regular oil changes and essentially everything that we don't have to go to the dealer for. And with two locations and a longstanding presence in the community, I know I don't have to worry about them and all my auto maintenance records disappearing overnight without notice :)

I would recommend this place in a heartbeat and not only do I know I will be returning, but I have peace of mind knowing I have such a reliable place taking care of my family's 'automotive needs.'