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Affordable Transmission is a full-service automotive transmission repair center that caters to each customer's unique needs.


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Maple Grove, MN

Affordable Transmission

Why can't all repair shops treat customers the way Randy does?

I needed work on my 2007 Chevy Impala, the transmission was slipping from 1st to 2nd when I would be at a stop sign...but not every time. I Googled Transmission Repair for Maple Grove and I went to a Franchised Repair shop first because they were near by. I had to pay $130 to have them tell me that I needed a whole new transmission (rebuilt) and my Valve Gaskets needed replacing...$4800 total. They told me the Solenoids and Valves were fine but that transmission has had issues and is only rated for 100K miles. So I picked up my car and told them I would think about it and then brought it to Randy at Affordable. I told him what they told me and showed him the paperwork and he said not to trust those guys and pretty much guaranteed it was the valves and Solenoid. He got in the car with me and hooked up the Code Machine to see if it would spit out a code but of was running fine and we couldn't get it to slip. (he didn't charge me a dime for that). The first place also erased all of the old codes so he couldn't confirm the issue. He has had a lot of experience with my transmission and told me it would be about $650 to fix. If he had to rebuild the whole thing...$2250 vs. the $4500 at the other place. He also would check the Valve Gaskets but he said a lot of times its just seepage and they don't need replacing. I dropped my car off Thursday morning and it was done at 4:30 the same day. I rented a car and my total was $750 vs the $4800 and the car is running fine. He was correct about the gaskets and didn't charge me anything for that. I know why the "Franchise" repair shops do what they do but they should re-evaluate their methods and go for the repeat business rather than trying to get it all the first time. It's like going to the dentist for a toothache and the next thing you do is wake up in the chair with all new teeth. Randy is a straight shooter, he doesn't advertise, he could be like the others and tell you that this needs fixing or replacing but he doesn't. The only thing he doesn't do is anything with the tires (balancing, alignment...etc.) From now on I will bring my car there for any repairs...I just wish I would have found him sooner when I had my brakes replaced. I am sure I would have saved about $400 on that bill. Thanks again Randy!