F Lofrano & Son Inc.

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auto body repair & painting

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San Francisco, CA

F Lofrano & Son Inc.

HORRIBLE customer service!

Do NOT bring your car here--EVER! Even if it's the last standing auto body shop in the Bay Area! If that's the case but you can still drive your car, just drive it with the damage, because if you bring your car to F. LoFrano you may as well just not plan on driving your car ever again. You'll never get it back. Or when you do, you'll think, huh, I don't remember owning a Model T but it's been so long that I guess my car just looks dated these days. They have HORRIBLE customer service. When I dropped my car off, they asked me when they should call me with an update on it. We agreed about 5 days after I dropped it off. (Yes, you read that right--5 days after dropping it off because they scheduled to have my car for 10 days for relatively minor repairs). They didn't call. I actually called them because I was anxious to know when I'd get my car back. When I called on business day 5, they told me my car would be ready on Friday. So, there I am, 2 weeks (10 business days later), and ready to pick up my car. I did manage to have enough forethought to call them before schlepping over there. Oh, they FORGOT to call and tell me that IT WON'T be ready! So, I say, right, like you were going to call me on Monday and give me an update too... She says, oh, she's really sorry. She FORGOT to call me, but that wouldn't have made a difference because the supplement wouldn't have been ready. I say--but you would've have known about it. How long have you known about it? Anyway, the point is--you'll NEVER get your car back if you take it there, and they will fail to tell you that it's not ready (so if you live far from the shop, you'll have schlepped your sorry self all the way there for them to say that you can't have your car because it's hostage for another week). So, I will conclude by saying again--and I can't say it enough--DON'T EVER BRING YOUR CAR HERE!