Century 21 Atwood Realty

Business Description:

A traditional real estate agency offering help to those in need of housing.


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1 Stars

Mankato, MN


Century 21 - doesn't pay their bills

Century 21 requested services from our company. When our contractor provided the service, they denied paying the services. Shady agents and shady practices. Read More

2 Stars

Vernon Center, MN


Relator misinformed/misslead costing seller over $6000

The realtor mismarked, and miss explained an item on the sales purchase agreement in dealing with page 3, line 90 specifically. Explanationwas that the buyer was to take over special assessments (from street, sidewalk and water repairs). Withhow it was actually put... Read More

1 Stars

Mankato, MN


Unresponsive and rude

Multiple phone calls and voicemails for multiple staff members - one common theme, no response. I hope they don't pride themselves on customer support/feedback/satisfaction! Read More

3 Stars

Mankato, MN


Century 21 provides asisstance to citizens in need of housing.

Atwood Realty is conveniently located near downtown Mankato. They have a large enough staff so they can assist all clients, yet small enough to have excellent communication throughout the agency. Whether clients are looking for a starter home, a home to raise a... Read More