Chesley, Kroon, Harvey, and Carpenter Lawyers

Business Description:

A highly respected group of attorneys that services criminal and civil complaints or needs.


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5 Stars

Minneapolis, MN


Excellent firm

Wow! Cannot beat this law firm. They are truly a local Mankato small town law firm that's been around for years. They provide a variety of practice areas such as family law, workers compensation, personal injury and more. It's a good sized firm but delivers personal... Read More

1 Stars

Meiden, MN


Kroon Horrible Mediator!

Good thing Kroon left the law-firm.....probably not by choice. A good mediator shouldn't show bias opinions to one party, but that is just what he did. Thumbs WAY down!! Read More

4 Stars

Rochester, MN


A group of highly trained professions specializing in every aspect of law

I received law counseling from Tim Stone at Chesley, Croon, Harvey, and Carpenter in June of 2008. In my town there are many options for attorneys, but i did my research and felt that this firm was very qualified and they took very good care of me. Usually most... Read More