Liv Aveda Salon & Spa

Business Description:

Liv Aveda is a high-class salon providing a variety of services to customers.




2 Stars

Mankato, MN


Not good/Expensive

I have recieved many waxes from Liv Aveda, but unfortunately my wax yesterday left me with a burn and a small wound on my bikini region. This has never occurred before and I am in a lot of pain that even woke me up. Becareful if you decide to get a wax. Read More

4 Stars

Mankato, MN


A local Aveda salon providing a variety of salon services to its customers.

Liv Aveda Salon & Spa in Mankato is very high-class compared to other salons in the city. The facility is new, clean, and well taken care of. Everything from hair, to nails, to makeup, Aveda has it all. The beauty technicians are very knowledgeable and friendly and... Read More