Hoffman Boots

Business Description:

Hoffman Boots specializes in manufacturing top quality work boots. Their decades of experience in leather work and shoe repair have helped me a lot over the years.




5 Stars

Sutherlin , OR



I recently bought a pair of 16 inch powerlines all leather, I was working in 3 feet of snow for 16 hours a day for 6 days straight, they never leaked! I thought for sure they would leak being in the wet weather that long but never did! The best boots I have ever... Read More

5 Stars

Kellogg, ID


Hoffman Boots does perfect repairs!

This family owned business takes pride in all they do. Specializing in work boots, they lso do perfect repairs of shoes, belts, purses and more. We couldn't figure out how to replace a broken leather lace that wound in and out of my husband's favorite leather... Read More