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Dave Poletti & Associates is a full service Seattle Property Management, Leasing, and Real Estate Brokerage located in the AGC Building on Lake Union in Seattle, WA


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Seattle, WA

Dave Poletti & Associates - Seattle Property Management

Not sure what company the other reviews are for...

Dave Poletti Associates is the worst property manager I have ever encountered. They simply collect rent and let the building owners do whatever they want when repairs are necessary. They respond slowly and there seems to be no internal communication, so no one knows anything. In my case, it took 2 weeks after we signed the lease and moved in to receive access to the storage and laundry area (both pretty important when moving) despite notifying them of the problem (old key) within 2 hours of signing the lease. They have performed repairs to the building that leave exposed wood and insulation for months at a time, only returning to finish jobs after much prodding. In the middle of summer, it was decided our deck needed repairs. So they ripped half of it off and then didn't come back for a month, despite many emails and calls. And they treat you like are unreasonable for expecting repairs to be done promptly.

They are mainly a commercial property management company and their business is very much geared towards that. I cannot speak to that, but do not expect them to do ANYTHING other than take your money.

If we weren't moving states in a few months, I would be out of there the minute my lease is up.