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Serving San Diego for over 20 years. Certified Restoration provides water damage restoration, fire damage clean-up, and mold remediation services.


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Certified Restoration Inc.

We 100% recommend Flood Masters!

You know it's going to be a long night when your child gets out of bed and says, "There's water on the bathroom floor... And Q-tips are floating in it!" I was busy with the baby and my husband couldn't even form words to shout down the hall to me. "It's. How? I. What? Ugh!" Our toilet somehow malfunctioned and he was standing in ankle-deep water. We thought we could take care of the water ourselves with our heavy duty carpet cleaner, but as soon as we would turn it on, it would immediately fill to capacity with water. After doing this a dozen times and watching the water level stay the same, we did some investigative work. Whoops. The water had already gone through walls to soak two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a walk-in closet, and our entire hallway.

I jumped on the Internet and found Flood Masters. Michael answered, even though it was late, and said he could get a team out right away. "This is too easy," I thought. I told him I wanted to call another company and I found the number for a competitor, those guys with the big, yellow trucks. The man who answered there was very disinterested and even seemed bothered by my call. He told me it was a waste of time for him to come out at night because it would take him over an hour to get ready and drive over and there wasn't anything he could do that late anyway. We would have to wait until morning if we wanted to use their services and he promised me that the damage wouldn't worsen overnight. Incredulous, I asked if there was someone else I could speak to from their company and he said no, that he was the on-call guy for our area.

I called Flood Masters back and Michael was informative, enthusiastic, and helped walk me through what I needed to do to make an insurance claim. He also promised he could have a team to our house within 40 minutes. Even better? They arrived in less than 30! Ed and his coworker were prompt, professional, and so kind. My husband and I sat on the couch in a daze, trying to figure out how the flooding had happened and what lay ahead in terms of restoration. The Flood Masters men buzzed around us, getting the water out, removing baseboards, neatly tearing up the carpet, taking out the padding, and setting up equipment. We couldn't get over how quickly and efficiently they worked and how genuinely NICE Ed was.

Before we knew it, Flood Masters was leaving in the wee hours of the morning. Ed promised to give us a decent amount of time to sleep before returning later in the day. He arrived back at our home as promised and checked the moisture levels. He rearranged equipment and adjusted as necessary. The next day, Ed again came to our house at an appointed time. Lather, rinse, repeat. He tried to keep a minimal amount of equipment in the house, as it is noisy and generates heat, and would swap out fans and machines as needed. All the while, Ed was very friendly and really just a pleasant person to deal with.

We had a snag with our homeowner's insurance check for Flood Masters and George was so patient in working with us as we remedied the situation.

We 100% recommend Flood Masters and with six kids at home, we now keep their magnet on the fridge! They were prompt and professional, helpful with tips to reduce damage, did great work, and were just wonderful to deal with in an emergency. The night of the flooding, Ed commented that he hadn't seen people act so happy while dealing with such a mess and honestly? A great part of that was due to how well Flood Masters treated us.