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With state-of-the-art service facilities in Portland and Bend plus a proven track record since 1991, PDX Rovers is Oregon's largest and most trusted independent Land


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Avoid PDX Rovers/PDX British

Francis and PDX Rovers now PDX British are a con game. I have my P-38 in a local shop after my heater core o rings blew out for the third time. The first time francis told me had repaired it and then it happened again. This time the rig was towed by Francis to his Portland shop. I got it back two weeks later with an Alleged new heater core. BS! My heater/cooling system guy here in Salem is working right now to repair and replace the $@!#% PDX Rovers did.

The o rings had blown again so the new repair guy calls me to take a look at what he found under there. An aftermarket heater core, no O-rings period, just a massive amount of silicone, tape and plastic ties. The metal heating lines had been cut and put back together with rubber glue.

Backing up a bit, I took Francis to court a few years ago and won a $4000 judgment against him. He had my rig in for repairs, told me it needed a new thermostat, then it was a new water pump, then a new radiator and finally after all of that, a new head gasket!! Found out they had put 3000+ miles on my rig driving it around Portland and to Bend and back all the while telling me they were working on it but it had not yet been repaired. Stupid me!! I go to court and win and collect my money by going to the bank with the court order.

At this point I order another motor, file paperwork against PDX Rovers again so they will pay for my engine R&R. I did not blow the motor up so the was no reason for me to pay. In the meantime I found a diary that the son of Francis had kept. Still have copies of it. Interesting reading to say the least.

We go to court, Francis is there and then tells me in front of the judge that we worked it out, he would pay for the replacement free of charge. Oh, and a cop comes in demanding the book I was going to present as evidence against Francis and PDX. Little did they know I had already made copies. Look story short, the new engine get delivered to PDX Rovers and three weeks later I get a call that it is done.

I go to pick it with a family member and I told her to get into it and meet me elsewhere. I did so because I knew that some kind of scam was going to be played. I was correct, I was presented with a $2000 bill for the engine R&R. I told the office manager that it was to be free according to an agreement made in court before a judge. I was told too bad. take them to court again. I called the cops although the truck was gone already, they came in, looked at my papers and off I went.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! By the way, he also liked to blame his wife for all of his problems rather that himself.