PDX Rovers

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With state-of-the-art service facilities in Portland and Bend plus a proven track record since 1991, PDX Rovers is Oregon's largest and most trusted independent Land


auto repair & service


1 Stars

Salem, OR


Avoid PDX Rovers/PDX British

Francis and PDX Rovers now PDX British are a con game. I have my P-38 in a local shop after my heater core o rings blew out for the third time. The first time francis told me had repaired it and then it happened again. This time the rig was towed by Francis to his... Read More

4 Stars

San Francisco, CA


PDX Rovers Does it Again!

On a recent "check engine" visit, which turned out to be a loose gas cap, and a fast oil change, it became clear again why I will trust ONLY PDX Rovers with my car. Francis, Terry and Stig are fair and honest and treat me like a sister, not an ATM machine. I can... Read More