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Eagle Transmission Plano

ripped me off

Came in with an excessive shift time out of first gear. Plus some unknown noise. Trans fluid clear, per their initial check. After leaving the truck with them, they called to advise that we needed the transmission rebuilt, $2700. Picked up the truck a few days later, same problem existed, actually even worse when shifting. They took it back, changed the fan clutch and adjusted a modulator on the trans. Picked it up, worked fine. Questioned the work done, told the trans WOULD have needed to be replaced, trans fluid was filthy. Totally opposite of what originally told. In short, we paid 2700.00 for what probably should have been the cost of a fan clutch and adjustment. Good for them. Not so good for us. They were very interested in pointing out all of the additional work that we need to have done. We will go elsewhere.


Vehicle is a 2003 Ford E450 Van, which was being used as a coffee service truck. It was brought in for not shifting past second gear (RPMs staying at the 3000-3500 mark), with a secondary problem of a loud fan noise. The transmission did need rebuilding, with internal hard parts (pump) damage. Additionally, the parking brake assembly at the tail of the transmission was not operable. Mr. Bain explained that this was a new company truck and business for him, and they (he and his wife) were losing money on the business thus far. My manager explained to Mr. Bain that his vehicle had multiple problems; but Mr. Bain had a limited amount of money to spend. So we repaired the transmission and the brake assembly for the set price quoted to him. The fan clutch still made noise, but the transmission was operating properly. Mr. Bain returned the vehicle and he and his wife threatened to dispute the credit card charge, while also using profanity and racial slurs against our Hispanic mechanics. We then repaired the fan clutch for NO CHARGE in good faith. Mr. Bain apologized for his language and behavior, and he offered to cater us coffee. However, he then published this one-sided review. In summary, this vehicle had multiple problems, but Mr. Bain only had a specific amount of money to spend on it, and this amount was not adequate. We repaired the transmission in a satisfactory manner, along with the parking brake assembly. This problem was separate from the fan clutch noise, and had to be addressed. We then repaired the fan clutch for no additional money as a good faith motion. This vehicle still has problems (front wheel bearings) and it will continue to have maintenance problems because it is used for commercial purposes (heavy-duty). Mr. Bain was told upfront what type of problems existed, and we did not attempt to change the story. I am sorry Mr. Bain responded in this manner because we have made a significant effort to appease him, particularly considering his inappropriate profanity outburst and racial slurs...... Jim Hanna Owner Eagle Transmission/Plano

Eagle Transmission Plano commented on 01/06/2016