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The Colony, TX

Eagle Transmission Plano

They gave me the run-around

Took in my truck to have what I thought was a clutch problem repaired. They assured me that the problem was indeed my clutch and it was on its last leg. $1300 later the car was still having the same problems. I took the truck back in and they told me the clutch was fine and the car had some other exhaust problem. I then took the vehicle to pronto muffler and they said it was an engine problem and they were highly suspicious of anyone that would think it was anything other then an engine problem. I took it back to eagle and told them I was upset about the fact that I spent $1300 to not have my truck fixed.They assured me that he would do everything his shop could do to fix my truck without any extra cost to myself. 3 weeks later I show up to pick up the truck and they tries to charge me $200. To top it off, they didn't fix the problem! I have learned THEY ARE NOT THE ONES TO TRUST!


We take customer satisfaction quite seriously at Eagle Transmission Plano.
While we have a very different view of the repair transaction, this review was precipitated by a collection action yhat resulted in a repossession.
There is a warranty on the clutch repair, which we will, of course, honor. As of now, no clutch related problem has been reported.
The issue of trust is very critical in the auto repair business; it is hard to earn and easy to lose. Please take the time to check all of our reviews on this and other sites.
Thank you.

Eagle Transmission Plano commented on 03/04/2011