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Rick C.

Broken Arrow, OK

Discount Garage Door

A couple of challenges and they took it on!

I was not the common customer. Also my review comes after having owned my door for a little while.

First, my garage does not contain a car. I have kind of a wood shop etc. This means its setup with some benches etc. The sales person came out and was very thorough and I picked a door and in the process he saw what they would be working with when they installed. At the time the door was broken to the point that my door was not able to open because of broken hinges so simply removing the way they always remove was not going to happen. It would not be easy because of my bench setup. He still said they were up to the challenge. When the day came that the door arrived, I helped them by having already done a little bit of demo to get the door where it could be removed in pieces. Basically, making cuts on the door with a reciprocating saw so on this day there was no changing my mind or going back. Then installer arrived with the door, right color, wrong texture or pattern. OK, mistakes happen. Were human, mistakes happen. Well some calls were made and I was told they will take care of it. Its OK, we will install the door they brought with all new hardware so I would have a door and they would order the correct pattern and simply swap when the correct one arrives. Due to my space thank goodness the installer was smaller but he was able to finish the install and hauled the old door pieces away leaving me a vary nice door. First Class individual and job. About 3 weeks went by and they made an appointment with me and they came out with the door that I had ordered and they swapped it. In fact they needed to come back an adjust it a little. All done! I have to say many thanks to the guys that came out and they could have given me a lot of grief over the door pattern and whether they would swap it out or not. I am not sure what happened but the bottom line, I was taken care of.

Thank You Discount Garage Door!

It has been a "minute" since all this happened and was installed but, I am still a very happy customer.