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Sound of Tri-State is home of a vast array of products for mobile audio and video electronics, performance, security, navigation, apple carplay, & home theater.


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Sound of Tri-State

Troubleshooting issue

Kirkwood highway location. Went in to SoT to see if they would trouble shoot why my subwoofers weren't working. The floor guy, a skinny guy of I'm guessing asian or latino decent asked where I had the system installed. I told him I did it myself and used extensive forums to follow step by step to where I had it 100% installed but not working. He snickered at me. The subs and amp were from a friend who wasn't using them and i was using a line out converter as I wanted to retain the stock system. The "asian" guy basically said he'd charge $99/ hr and rip the whole thing out and have his techs install the loc, subs and amp. Now the remote wire and power wire to the amp showed 14.0 v, the ground was to the body after paint was removed and torqued down, the rca's and all wire's showed continuity using a multimeter and i replaced all the fuses in the system, so i was baffled, he wanted to sell me a whole new system and installation with a cost of upwards of $1800 bucks and thats for "just ok" subs and amp. He then tried to sell me a new double din headunit but eventually I walked out of the store disgusted. I left and took it to bestbuy down the street on farrand drive as it was on my way home, spoke to Jose who said he would trouble shoot the issue, no problem for $50 bucks and recommend a fix. Not an hour after I dropped it off, he called and told me that the work i had done was just as good as anything he would have done and the amp was the issue, it has no output to the subs even though there was a signal going in and I wouldn't have known unless i had another amp. He took the time to find me an amp that matched up to my subs, and indicated that there was a sale on the amp. Next he said, that since I knew what I was doing, either I could install it or he could do it. All in all, i paid $225, the amps original cost was $250 and I had him install it, so imagine how thrilled i was. It wasn't a $@!#% amp either, it was a proper class d amp. I researched it really quickly on the forums and it came highly recommended. Jose said I'd be really happy with the sound and boy oh boy was I happy. It's crystal clear and the subs hit hard but not obnoxiously. I previously had gone to sound of tristate a year ago as they were running a remote car install on groupon and i was surprised when i was told that the groupon was just for the box, not the install even though groupon indicated it was for the whole kit and kaboodle. What's worse is I remember that as soon as i walked in and inquired about the item before I bought it on groupon, the guy tried to upsell me to another system that was three times the groupon cost plus the install. I walked out and went to bestbuy. Not only did they give me a remote start system that had more features, they matched the price and charged me $50 for the installation and told me to come back for free batteries for the remote when they died. All in all, I know who I would go to to get my electronic mobile stuff installed and who not to. Its the relationship that you build with the tech and the cost savings that either makes you smile or leaves a sour taste in your mouth. I don't normally recommend any company for anything but since I got an email asking me for a survey on my experience and since I just got my amp replaced yesterday, this experience is still fresh in my mind. If you're in the area and need work, go talk to Jose regardless of where he works at that point. (My name is slightly changed but my initials are correct. I don't share my personal information)