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Sound of Tri-State is home of a vast array of products for mobile audio and video electronics, performance, security, navigation, apple carplay, & home theater.


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Sound of Tri-State

Death of the Ipod

Lets be clear after all the reviews and questions(unanswered) to Pioneer but answered from Crutchfield I choose this receiver .Lets start from the beginning a year and some change ago I had the AVHX1500 which was pretty competent and held its on but my problem started when Pioneer wanted you to install there Apps to make basic functionality of your Ipod touch function ie videos and navigation ,no big deal right? wrong specially if you have the older Touch then there stuff wont work and half of the functionality of your ipod and the unit is gone . FFWD to a few weeks ago I was finally ready to make the move all my research led me to the 2700 a huge step up boy was I wrong it was a light year ahead of anything the bluetooth is awesome I ditched the ipod when I made sense out of the connections to my phone plus the xcross over is simple and banging mix that in with the eq and my system hits harder now than ever . Ok aesthetics the color combo ehh was not a fan until I realized (read the manual) this unit has flow tech (live wallpapers) so aesthetics have become something of a plus the drag feature is also anther nice touch along with the super responsive screen . The end result my ipod is on a shelf forever and my phone (one less gadget to carry) has become my all in one thanks to the amazing feature set of the 2700. Did I mention I have not even gotten into the laundry list of other features yet ???