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Sound of Tri-State is home of a vast array of products for mobile audio and video electronics, performance, security, navigation, apple carplay, & home theater.


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Lancaster, PA

Sound of Tri-State

Terrible service after the in stall

Yeah Tri State had nice sales man and they may make you feel like your getting the better deal. Maybe they are cheaper than the competitors. What happens after you have problems with what ever you install. Ill tell you. They are helpless. Gm and a local garage told it was my remote start causing my problems so I had it sent to Tri Stat on my own dime. Tri State said at first its the altenator then ten minutes later its the fuel lines or something. This has been a horrible experiance. I will never go there ever again and I regret doun as much business as I ve done there. Now its on the way back to the GM dealer.


Sound of Tri-State would like to apologize for any inconvenience which you may have encountered. As a family-run business, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. Sound of Tri-State has become a trusted name for car audio needs because of the customer support we provide to our customers before, during, and after any service. Our MCEP certified installers have years of experience. Each individual technician installs annually over 200 remote start systems.
Upon inspection of your vehicle, our technicians were able to come up with to a few conclusions regarding this situation. Although they are not mechanics, they have vast experience dealing with this type of situation. First, the alarm and remote start system were inspected to ensure the system should was in working order. Then, our techs tried to address your concern of the car not starting. The remote start system has a starter disable feature which would not allow the vehicle to even attempt to start if engaged. This truck has an anti-theft system which is interfaced to allow the vehicle to remote start without the key being present and turned in the ignition. Our techs found the wires for this seemed to have been tampered with but just to rule this out we put them back together, but still had the same start and shut off outcome. Their conclusion from their findings was that the problem lies somewhere in the fuel system and not with the remote start.
Sound of Tri-State truly hopes this issue is resolved and you receive a definitive answer as to where the problem lies with your vehicle.

Sound of Tri-State commented on 05/03/2011