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Sound of Tri-State is home of a vast array of products for mobile audio and video electronics, performance, security, navigation, apple carplay, & home theater.


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Sound of Tri-State

Eager to sell..VS Requests/wants & needs of the type so subwoofer

At MY cost and time, this is what happened....
I wanted to upgrade to an indash CD/radio and hook up an old vintage 6" sub tube I already had in the back seat of my 2000 Tundra. Discussing with the saleman (Chris) all I wanted done and Chris suggested that I accompany this bass tube with and amp because the radion probably wouldn`t power the bass tube. I told Chris that there shouldn`t be any problem because the bass tube has a built in pre amp, and to have the tech test it first BEFORE securing any amp to it. I didn`t want anything installed without it needing to be and/or without my concent and this is what happened. The vintage bass tube in question had a blown pre-amp in it so the tech found out. When I call about there progress Chris told me about the vintage sub issue and he said he swithed to something comparable in it`s place and that it`s almost finished. Here I`m thinking it was just another "same size" bass tube in its place, but come to find an amp secured under the seat and a 10" thin bass box behind the seat. [there was as requested, exstra lenth of wire so I could move the speaker outside the truck if need and to also clean behind it] After about 3 hours, I when I called ....Chris said the amp was install and a nice bass speaker was behind the seat he knows that I would like. Then I asked Chris...why didn`t you just replace the Bass tube with another bass tube comparable like the Bazooka bass tube I previously seen on the shelf?? Chris`s reason that he told me was...they had already run and secured the wires and amp under the seat so the just put somthing that would surfice,,,in it`s place. This is defininetly outside the origional plan that Chris and I discussed. Chris in addition said that if there`s any problems OR if I didn`t like what was done or for whatever reason, just bring it back and he would make sure I was taken care of. HAVING NOW WAITED FOR 4 HOURS AND SLIGHTLY FRUSTRATED, I decided to give it a try. Of course I messed with the unit and other exterier controls trying to get the sound that I wanted and was looking for the remainder of that day and the entire next day only to find out that the sound and speaker I wanted was no there. So I brought my truck back,exsplained what I wanted (again) and waited another 2 hours to take out the wires to the am that I didn`t need or actually want, plus the box speaker, and installed the base tube that was wanted and previously rquested in the first place. So I still got charged for what I didn`t want or need, PLUS!...the removal, PLUS!, the instalation of the bass tube that I wanted and NOW.... the replaced Bass tube didn`t have the extra lenth of wire I wanted to move the speaker for exsterier sound or for cleaning purpouses. By flipping back the seat to see what thay had done,I noticed that the tube was facing the wrong way in order for me to get to the adjustment controls in the back of the speaker. When I picked the speaker up just to turn it around, I ripped out the ground wire because it was unexspectedlt too short and wasn`t like I requested from the start and spacifically ashed for, so I had to repair it myself. Luckly...I use to be a machanic myself. The only thing that was done right was the instalation of the stereo and finally getting the bass tube that I origionally asked for. Through all of this, and all the frustrating aggrivation I was only reimbursed $15.00 out of a $600.00 + bill. No compensation for my dissatified,frustration and 6 hours of agrivation, just a pitiful deduction. I don`t thing that I`ll be back there again. Do you blame me? I spacifically requested what I wanted, and they did what THEY wanted anyway and charged me dearly for it every step of the way. For the record?......I`m not impressedand ang adgitated about it.