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Philip C.

Hillsboro , OR

Hackett Law Firm LLC

When your debts have you down Give Cheryl and Ryan a call Seriously

I think like some people I cannot be trusted with a credit card
So it finally caught up with me
I almost didn’t have enough money for food
So out of desperation
I found a bankruptcy firm
Ryan Cheryl and staff rescued me
As I was falling down the hole
They took care of me for five years
Especially Cheryl
All the way through the last stretch
I am so very grateful
They even congratulated me
So I think I have learned a lesson
They say “Never say never”
But I am going to say it anyway
I will never have another credit card
If you don’t have the money to pay for it
Then don’t buy it
Make a Budget
Thank you Cheryl and Ryan
I know I drove you crazy
But it was worth it
Now everyone is happy
Especially me
Yours truly
Philip Chase