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We are a full-service contractor, specializing in remodeling Rossmoor homes. We are skilled in all areas of electrical, plumbing and carpentry.


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Mj's Review




Willow Crrek, CA


Fabulous! They really know their stuff!

I can't say enough about Boydstun Construction, they are fabulous! I have used them three different times for three different projects and can say with absolute confidence that they're head and shoulders above the competition. Living in a Senior Community, I need to make sure that any improvements made to my unit adhere to their standards. Each and every time Boydstun has come out to work on my place they have been conscientious, courteous and made sure to obey all the rules. For me, they have installed a stacked washer and dryer, a microwave and then amazingly redid my entire kitchen. Jonathan Boydstun and his employees are wonderful if you're not satisfied with their work, or if something is in need of repair, they will drop everything and come running the next day. They are absolutely worth every penny, in fact with Boydstun Construction, I feel spoiled with all they do for me, any other company you're going to panic and wonder what quality of work you're getting. Not only do the workers really know their stuff, but their showroom is great, it's where you get to see all the different materials which you might want to use in your project. The man who runs the department is amazing, he's very artistic, wonderful, just a doll. I love talking about Boydstun, they take care of every little detail. I recommend them to everyone, they really know their stuff!