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Phoenixville, PA

Customer Lobby

A. Bardin = A Rock Star! Gooder than the good

Nobody likes Customer Service. Customer Service even doesn't even like Being Customer Service. I'm sure of it. Totally.


I used to be.

I've always had good experiences with Customer Lobby's Customer Service. But, you're supposed to, right? So, no gold medals there. But.

I'd been talking to a lot of Customer Service people recently - and - darned if they're not miserable and ignorant. Not the Customer Lobby folks mind you, (c'mon, it's a five star review. did you not notice that?) so when I had such a great call with Andrew Bardin, I realized - not only are the Customer Lobby folks good - but Andrew stands out among even them. He's Gooder than the already good folks at Customer Lobby. He's so much better than my grammar too.

Rather than just slather some Hurray around, I can even tell you, in detail, why he's great:
1. Great attitude - not just robotic cheer or a brainwashing repitition of my name to prove we're pals or something, but an actual earnestly good attitude that only comes from hiring good people.
2. Helpful - again, not just a script-following blather bomb, but a person interested in ending the problem a caller has, not just ending the call.
3. Informative - Beyond just binary answers, he shared his knowledge and opinions to make my tasks easier.
4. Patient - I. Am . Slow.
5. Knowledgable - There is a noticeable difference between someone that can read well and someone that has actually retained the information. Andrew also had the tact to know when he didn't know something. His pledge to follow up seemed as much for his own edification as mine.
6. Thorough - he followed up with a bullet point recap of our discussion and next steps.

I still think that nobody likes Customer Service, but Customer Lobby isn't Customer Service, it's whatever comes after that - like gooder.