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Software for local businesses to get more repeat customers and build their online reputation. Smarter & easier because it's completely automated.


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Customer Lobby

reviews are not trustworthy

customer lobby is paid by the businesses they do reviews for. Hence will not post negative things about companies. I was scammed by a company who has their reviews done by customer lobby. I have tried several times to post my review but customer lobby will not post it. This is a dishonest company who does not care at all about their end user which are the people making decision based off reviews. I just want to warn people so they dont get scammed out of hundreds of dollars like I did but customer lobby wont post my review. I called them and asked for reasons why reviews dont get posted and they said if you can prove you are a legit customer there will never be a reason they wont post it. I have paypal receipts proving I was a customer but still will not post. Try to avoid making your decisions based on reviews from customer lobby. Ill be shocked if this gets posted.