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Software for local businesses to get more repeat customers and build their online reputation. Smarter & easier because it's completely automated.


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Baltimore, MD

Customer Lobby

Need to Improve Prospective Client Relations

As the marketing director for a small business in the Baltimore area, I've been contacted by 4 different representatives from Customer Lobby. We don't have any interest in working with Customer Lobby, and I've made that clear to each caller. However, I continue to receive calls. I'd like to request that a "Not Interested" list be circulated to all team members so that I'm not contacted again. As a company who provides a way to maintain customer service, I would expect that Customer Lobby would have a way to remedy this.

Repeat phone calls do not make me more interested in the service. In fact they make me less interested in working with Customer Lobby.


We are sorry to have bothered you. We called you to offer a free trial of our solution because over 75 percent of those that try our free trial become Customer Lobby members.

That said, we are changing how we market our product/service to be much more about providing help and information (inbound lead driven) about how to better manage your reviews and reputation marketing. We are really excited about this change but, in the meantime, apologize for the unwanted phone call.

Customer Lobby commented on 05/31/2011