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Conflict of Interest

(Fact) Customer Lobby is paid by the companies that it does reviews for. It is obvious enough that the reviews will be higher than they should and that Customer Lobby will try to protect their clients because of this. Customer Lobby does 2 things yo ensure higher ratings for is clients. 1. they make good reviews easy to "create" (I bet many if not most are fake because all you need is a first name and last initial to post and good reviews are posted right away). Secondly, all bad reviews are flagged and the reviewer must provide proof that they were a customer by sending in a copy of a receipt and waiting at least 10 days. I put in a bad review for O'brien Garage Doors and provided proof of my claim over a week ago and it still hasn't posted. Strangely enough 2 - 5 star ratings posted for that same company while I wait for my review to post. What are the odds that regular customers would post such sterling reviews at the perfect time to try to cancel out the bad one I wrote. I would not put any faith into a review posted by a company that is paid by the companies it posts reviews for, and either should you.


Review ratings on Customer Lobby are sometimes higher than other review sites because we help the "happy-silent-majority" of consumers tell their stories online. We also put negative reviews into a 10 day hold process to enable a business the time to correct issues that a customer might have had. Often, this results in a negative review being taken down and an even more positive review written in its place.

When a business believes a review is not from a real customer, the business has the ability to challenge that review. In your situation, after you provided proof, your June 26th review was published.

Customer Lobby commented on 07/07/2014