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Software for local businesses to get more repeat customers and build their online reputation. Smarter & easier because it's completely automated.


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Irvine, CA

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Customers be aware this company does not explain how their review system works.

I had signed up for a trail early this year. Shortly after I received four reviews for my company through Customer Lobby. I then chose to cancel with Customer Lobby (due to a better offer with another company). Without my authorization the reveiws were published. This procedure was never explained to me. Upon learning that I have information online that I have not authorized I called Customer Lobby to have them tell me there is nothing they can or will do about it.


Our system gets your best customers to review your business which often results in lots of great reviews. But, we are a forum for all valid reviews including 1-star reviews. That is what makes your 5-star reivews so valuable - they are trustworthy.

If a company gets a critical review, we have a wide range of management options, dispute resolution procedures and trained staff ready to work through any difficult situation. However, we do not delete reviews that meet our publishing guidelines.

Your Customer Lobby reviews are indexing very well on Google and all of the major search engines. People can see how happy your customers are about your business. By responding to (and not deleting) your one negative reivew, you make all of your other great reviews more powerful.

Keep asking your customers to write reviews and you will create a very valuable asset for your business.

Customer Lobby commented on 05/16/2011