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Oconomowoc, WI

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Wow---what a great experience! (especially Ryan!)

So the ironic thing is that I had an awful experience with a completely different company that had contracted with Customer Lobby to provide feedback and that was the reason why I had to contact them--to ask some questions and get something corrected. I went through the main number and after a couple of transfers magically ended up with Ryan Johnson, a customer service representative who truly understands what it means to provide exceptional customer service! From the minute he took over the call, he knew exactly what was going on, asked me some clarifying questions and then proceeded to answer my questions, show me what/how to do something, apologized for something, explained something else, then patiently waited while I attempted to capture some screenshots to send to show what I was seeing (which was different from what he was)....he was on the phone more than a 1/2 hour (which is a LONG time in call-center-customer service-land) and never once did he make me feel rushed or that I was taking too long. He was professional, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and a wonderful representative of this company and I was really impressed. On a side note, I'm a corporate L&D professional and taught customer service at a fortune 50 call center for almost 10 years and this experience would have been rated as 'distinguished' and 'exceptional.' Because I truly value when things go well, I wanted to make sure I posted my positive feedback about this employee and the company---I hope his manager(s) recognize him for his awesome customer service efforts!


Wow - what a great review! Ryan is thrilled with the well deserved pat on the back and we are all proud to work in a company that values providing great customer service.

Customer Lobby commented on 07/16/2013