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Software for local businesses to get more repeat customers and build their online reputation. Smarter & easier because it's completely automated.


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Colorado Springs, CO

Customer Lobby

Just what the SEO doctor ordered

Normally, we don't answer phone calls that look like telemarketers, but the one day I was bored and decided to go ahead and answer a call with an out-of-state number, I got lucky. Customer Lobby was offering a service that we actually needed. They offered a 30-day free trial which included setting up links on our website and Facebook page. They patiently walked me through the system and showed me how to invite reviews from our customers. I sent out a few invitations, just to see what happened, and wow, we got results immediately!

I'm impressed with how simple the whole webpage and invitation system is. That it's effective is not even in question. It certainly is. I only wish we had hooked up with Customer Lobby months before at the height of our roofing season. We had already surveyed, with a mail-in card, all our customers, so I was hesitant to hit them up again. But going forward, we can realistically anticipate our customers to respond and for those reviews to start stacking up.

What's so perfect about Customer Lobby's service is that it gets your company noticed on the search engines. Google et al. love sites that have lots of online reviews to their credit. Since all of the reviews are posted online, it can't help but boost our website on the search engines.

We think the monthly subscription cost is a fair value for what we get. Of course, you get out according to what you put in, so make sure all your customers get an invitation to review you from Customer Lobby.