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Software for local businesses to get more repeat customers and build their online reputation. Smarter & easier because it's completely automated.


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Binh's Review




Seattle, WA

Customer Lobby

Want to experience what customer service is about? Customer Lobby...

...will exemplify why they have employed a remarkable staff that is
not only courteous, professional and attentive... but like runflat
tires, they go the extra mile - to ensure you're taken care of.
Although my company failed to create an account with Customer Lobby
(due to unforseen circumstances), I had the luxury of being assisted
by a Rachel Strobel. She was magnificent all the way through; she
essentially walked me through the entire free-trial setup and was, at
the drop of a hat, there to answer any questions my inquisitive little
brain mustered for her (via phone call or email - responsive and eager
to help).

If it were up to me and not my superiors, i'd be on the Customer Lobby
program, no doubt in my mind - only regret i have and it is profound.

In gist, to describe what I experienced with the Customer Lobby
account rep (Rachel); I could purchase all the rulers in the world...
and they wouldn't measure up to her abilities and services (a diamond
in the rough, that sparkled when i dealt with her).

This review is more customer-service-oriented, but they're program is
stellar as well. Give it a go and at least one can say they had a
grand spankin', monumentally pleasureable customer service experience.

Although, after doing extensive research and based on my limited (but
sufficient) time with them, i can honestly say that the
business-customer relations model has never witnessed something so
powerful, effective, simplified and at the same time - remarkably

So try it. I promise you, dissapointment will not be an option.


Thanks for your great comments Bihn! We were sorry to lose you as a client and hope to work together again.

Customer Lobby commented on 07/01/2010