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Atlantic Beach Movers Inc.

Slow and Unprofessional

The first thing said to me by one of the movers sent to us by Atlantic Beach movers was mentioning how he shouldn't have gone to the bar last night, and was hungover. I laughed at this because I thought it was somewhat amusing, but didn't realize this meant he was entitled to a 10 minute smoke break every half hour.

To put it bluntly, these were the slowest, least professional movers I have worked with. The movers were pleasant to be around, but when they brought my matress out and didn't come back for 20 minutes I had to question what was taking so long. It took them about 4 hours to move me out of a two bedroom apartment, not to mention the time it took to move into the new apartment. If I hadn't helped them move all of my possessions into the new place this move could have taken well over 6 - 7 hours. I almost feel they were milking time to make more money as we were paying $90/hr for the help. I'm sure the company loves the increased time. The fact that our couch smelled like smoke because they were smoking in the back of the truck was the final straw for me.

All in all they aren't the worst movers I've ever hired. I've hired movers off of craigslist which were just awful, but still managed to get me in and out of an apartment in under 3 hours without my help. So maybe I'm wrong, maybe Atlantic Beach Movers are the worst movers I've ever hired.


Sorry to hear that your move didn't go as you liked it!! As drunk or hung over? We do not seen people out that smell like that! We thrive on the local businesses so we can not aford to take that chance ! Once again sorry to here it.

Atlantic Beach Movers Inc. commented on 10/29/2011