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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Prince William County, VA

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

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After 2 lay offs that forced us to depend on credit to get by, we amassed debt that we just could not keep up with. We found ourselves robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month and, although our salaries eventually stabilized, we were still living paycheck to paycheck after the bills were paid. When another lay off loomed, we hit our breaking point and, although scared, we made an appointment with Mr. Weed. After our initial consultation, we felt 100% sure of our decision to file. Mr. Weed handed us off to Val Settles and, let me tell you, we KNEW we were in great hands. Val walked us through each and every step of the process, was meticulous with our documents, and made sure we never had a question unanswered. EVERYTHING she and Mr. Weed told us came to fruition, to include the minutes-long hearing in Court that ended with the Trustee who thanked Denise (who is part of Mr. Weed's office) for our excellent documentation, filing, and overall preparation. We received our Discharge Document exactly when Val said we would and, within 90 days of that I already had a pre-approved unsecured credit card with Capital One with a $3000 credit line. We have been using the card for incidentals and pay it off monthly--which has led to a credit line increase to $5500. All of the worry, sleepless nights, tossing and turning, staring at the bank account and trying to work magic to pay off credit card and other debt is all behind us. My only regret: not getting to Mr. Weed's office earlier! If you are debating whether or not to take this step, don't worry and just DO IT. Don't worry about feeling like you failed or being embarrassed about it. This is YOUR financial future and you deserve a new start! THANK YOU Mr. Weed, Val, Denise and the entire office. You have given us a new lease on life and we are forever grateful!!