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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Alexandria, VA

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

Weed spells R-E-L-I-E-F

All jokes aside, Mr. Weed and his staff made this experience not nearly as stressful as I anticipated. The decision to file was an emotional one for me. I was fearful of admitting financial defeat and even more fearful of potentially navigating the process myself. Mr. Weed was a referral from a trusted friend who rebuilt his construction business post- bankruptcy. I thought bankruptcy meant doom but, here was my friend thriving! I no longer was on the fence about filing and called Mr. Weed immediately. I cannot express the weight that was lifted off of me after the first meeting with Mr. Weed. From the start, he set out a timeline of expectations and very clear instructions. His staff followed up and reminded me of various action items and made sure I delivered the documents needed for a timely and complete filing. Aside from being extraordinarily thorough, Mr. Weed and his staff were kind and comforting. Filing was one of the best decisions I ever made. Using Mr. Weed to do so runs a close second to that!