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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

Awesome service and team of folks!

Going through Bankruptcy at the beginning was very scary for me but Robert Weed and his staff were the nicest and most informative lawyers I have ever had. To give you some background, I have to declare bankruptcy because I bought a house at the peak of the real estate bubble and my house is now underwater. So I am stuck with 2 loans and I owe way more than what my property is worth. I tried many other alternatives prior to thinking about Bankruptcy. I tried to get a short sale to see if I could sell the property but then when I was reading the fine print on the short sale letters and I realized that even if I complete a short sale that the bank landers would come after me for the deficiency. And this is when I look up some reviews and a friend recommended me to see a BK lawyer and found Robert Weed. When I went to see Bob for the first time he gave me advice and he told me that the second lien-holders will always try to come after you for the loan deficiency even if you short sale especially since the economy is so bad right now. I tried to get my lenders to remove th deficiency clause but it was no use I made 20 attempts on my own to negotiate removing the deficiency clause in my paperwork but my second lender would not agree to. So my last resort was to declare Bankruptcy. Of course Bob wouldn't recommend anyone to declare BK if they didn't need to.

I have had many other types of lawyers for traffic, real estate and evictions and they were all very standoffish and was not clear with the terms and conditions, and had ridiculous hourly rates for their services and didn't offer high quality of support. But Robert Weed and his entire staff were VERY kind, thorough and attentive. Whenever I had questions about my BK or the process AJ, Brenda or Vicki would get back to me very quickly in regards to my questions. Bob is a very busy man but he did make time to answer the very important questions that the paralegals can't answer.

Debbie was very informative and made sure to always send me reminders of things I needed to do up until my hearing. She also told me who my lawyer was the day of my BK court date. Debbie was also the one who told me that I had to continue paying my car payments and that the financing company will no longer send me statements ever, so if I want to keep my car I have to continue sending the payments on my own and keep track of it on my own. This was very important because I didn't know that and I almost missed my car payment because I didn't get a statement in the mail.

Also Bob has a very nice video that shows you everything you need to know along with pictures of the BK courthouse which is critical to ensuring you make it there efficiently. When I got to the Alexandria Trustee office I was worried about finding parking if I would run out of time on my pay parking and so being able to find the building quickly is very handy as it isn't obvious because it's in the back of the building.

My lawyer on my court date was Mark Sullivan ( who is not on the video) in addition to my case, he was also representing 3 other people along with me but he was very efficient and provided me all copies of my petition papers and directions on what to do after the court date. Also he could tell I was very nervous and reassured me that this was going to be very quick and that I can take a moment to think before answering. I think the worst part of the BK court date is waiting to get called to review your papers with the trustee. You can hear everyone else's reason for BK and you just want to go up and get your hearing over with asap! But Robert and his team are the best for Bankruptcy cases and I would highly recommend you seeing them over any other BK lawyers in the state of VA.

Thanks for all your support Bob, AJ, Brenda, Vicki, Debbie, and Mark!