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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

Horrible Service And Communication

I had trouble getting required documentation because of marital issues.His administrative staff said that I said this I said that. I believe the legal term for that is here say In an effort to clarify what was said I spoke to Mr Weed directly. Mr Weed himself essentially called me a liar and that I was changing my story. I attempted to explain the situation and he just abruptly ended the conversation and said I need to find a different attorney. I have used him before and recommended him to friends and this is very disappointing. I feel he probably just could not help me cause of my income situation but resorted to using here say from his incompetent paralegal and claim I was essentially lying to them. I take great offense to that. I wasted my time to end up being kicked when I was down.


Paul tells me here that I "probably just could not help ... because of his income." I had a whole hour blocked off to work with him on just that. I wanted to find out if we could help him, even with his high income. Unfortunately, I had a cancel.

Why? Because I didn't know what his income was. Just to get ready for those meetings, I have my staff type six months of paychecks into the computer. (And the rest of the budget, too.)

So when we meet, we know where we ware. And from there, can plan where we need to go.

I can't do that, though, if we don't have the paychecks to type in. ALL the paychecks; not just a lot of them. (Now if someone is clearly eligible, then most of the paychecks is ok. But if eligibility is tricky, we need them all.)

Paul hit the ceiling when we cancelled his appointment; I talked to him and I only made it worse. There's no point in meeting if we can't figure anything out. I should have stuck to saying that. Instead he gave me his excuses about why he didn't have what we needed. And I let him know what I thought of his excuses.

My mistake. Even when I have to cancel people, I should keep it friendly. I didn't.

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed commented on 09/19/2010