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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

You can't even ask a question!

Here's a laugh! Before you can even ask a question, Weed wants you to fill out all of his forms! Not all cases are the same! I even offered to pay for an hour of Weed's time to sit down and talk to him and he refused!

I had a very high paying job and the company went out of business. I have substaintial cash in the bank but it is not enough to pay all of my debts. I sold my home and rented an apartment to save money. I do not have any income at this time and finding a job that use to pay me what I was once making will be very difficult. Most of my former co-workers have been out of work for close to a year and are living on their savings, as I am. I am still current on all of my credit card bills but I can see that the end is near if I do not find work soon!

Since I have been out of work for over 6 months, I know I qualify for Chapter 7. That's a no brainer for the law clearly tells me that. My question pertained to the cash that I have in the bank. I know I have to give it to my creditors and I can keep only a little. Surely, with 60% in cash, perhaps bankruptcy is not the best option for me? Perhaps, I can pay a lawyer to negotiate a deal with my creditors to avoid going bankrupt? and perhaps that is not an option? I will never know because you can't even ask a question like this to Weed without first filing out all of his forms!

I did find a great bankruptcy lawyer who took the time to talk to me and explained to me what my options were. I simply paid him for an hour of his time. It was the best $150.00 I ever spent! It is simply too bad that Weed and his staff wouldn't do the same!

I wouldn't hire Weed if he were the last lawyer on this planet! I suggest you shop lawyers too! Ever heard the terms "ambulance chaser"? Well, in my opinion, Weed is not more than a "bankruptcy chaser"!


I try to make it clear on my website--anyone can come in and ask me any question--for FREE--but only if they fill in my forms, first. Otherwise, it's too easy to make a mistake. I don't like to make mistakes--even if people offer to pay me.

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed commented on 08/02/2010