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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Reston, VA

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

Marta kept me coming back despite Mark Sullivans offensive and inappropriate attitude

Marta is remarkable. Her professionalism, understanding and compassion are both notable and commendable. She completely understands not only the bankruptcy process but, almost more importantly, the mental process one goes through in coming to terms with declaring bankruptcy. I cannot express enough how indebted I am to her for her generosity of spirit and understanding through such an enormously difficult time.
Conversely, Mark Sullivan is easily one of the most offensive and inappropriate people that I have ever met. His inability to grasp the severity of the situation people are faced with, his callous disregard for common civilities, his complete lack of respect and his demeaning approach in talking to people made me actually question what I was paying him for and whether it was worth it. This so called professional had no idea who his audience was, made jokes about the fact that I had only 55.00 in a retirement plan, insisted I needed to sell my car and buy a minivan as he did and on and on. The fact that someone files bankruptcy doesn't mean they have a low IQ, yet that is how he treats people. For the record I have a triple digit IQ, come from a family of lawyers and professionals and cannot in good conscience recommend the practice if he continues to meet and represent people. Just imagine how the poor people feel that meet with him and are already so beaten down that they just give up or never come back?

Mr.Weed is wonderful, he and Marta gave me hope of a better life, peace with my decision and remarkable insight. I know I will get past this because of them.