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All we do is bankruptcy. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. New! Five Ways bankruptcy gives you a fresh start.


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Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed

Our stressful journey...

As with most Americans in today's uncertain economy, my wife & I both got caught up in the "trying to survive mode", using all of our available resources & credit to make ends meat. Credit to pay for credit, to buy food for our kids, to pay bills, etc. When we would get behind, I would sell off my stocks to try to get caught back up. You name, we did it all. We did whatever we needed to provide for our family. Unfortunately, we like many others, failed tremendously. Every month, bills were coming in, we couldn't afford to pay them. We were robbing from "Peter to pay Paul"...we did it all. We tried using one of those debit consolidation companies without any success (they took our money, but no bills were ever paid off). It wasn't until we started getting "warrents in debit", before we really decided to take a more direct solution. That's when we turned to Robert Weed's office. Their team of employees were so helpful & understanding. The credit counseling classes was a huge help, very informative. Our overall experience was so stressful, but in the end, it was the smartest decision we made. I would highly recommend Mr. Weed's office to anyone I know. Thank you so much for helping us get our life back in order.