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Would never recommend them.

When I listed my home to rent out I was assured by the leasing agent Steve that they only bring top notch renters to you. He then contacted me had a renter for me and they needed to move in right away. All I received was a credit report and told the guy looked good, was a retired military with honors. Ten months later the tenants stop paying and I find out eleven other people were living in my home with approval. The totally destroyed my house with at least $6,000.00 worth of damage. I even called to ask them to check on who was living in my house 6 months into the lease. They did not follow through. Now I ask to see proof of prior residency of tenant and proof of military honors and surprise that agent does work there anymore and they don't have access to his email information. Although he is still listed as a agent. I have showed them proof all these people lived in my home but their lawyers said that they can't go after them. It will be interesting to see if they recover any money from tenant to cover repairs.


Renters Warehouse does find top notch tenants. We are also required to present you the owner with each candidate that applies for your property. The property owner has the final decision on tenants that occupy the property. Additionally, we have no record of a request for an inspection of the property. We receive requests for inspections quite often and get them all addressed just fine. The proof of residency that you requested is in the very email that you said you never received. It gave the payment history as well. The tenant also was in the military as indicated by our agent and this information is also in the report sent to you by the agent. I have added the email from you approving the tenants below. We are not able to add the personal information from the applications that were added on to the email but the entirety of this email is available to you upon request. We are proceeding with the eviction per your request and will have that resolved soon.

From: Kathryn M <>
Date: Tue, May 5, 2015 at 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: Tenant Approval Needed
To: Steve Sudlow <>

Looks good. The gas is already off so they will need to get that turned back on to have hot water. I can wait one week for utility transfer. I was there tonight and the fan was on and I thought I smelled rubber so I am putting a call in to Alaskan air to have them come check it out hopefully they can get there within the next day or two, so I would need to have access to home for that. I will also need a copy of the paper I gave you for the HOA. Thank you so much for your help in getting the house rented out. Kathy

On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 7:24 PM, Steve Sudlow <> wrote:

Hi Kathy

Below are the tenants that wish to rent your home for a Lease term of 18 months, thats 21,600
in rental income. They will put in their own fridge and washer/dryer on their own, and also transfer
all utilities, if you can just keep them on for 1 week they should have everything transferred over.
Angel is retired military with honors, and received social security income and military pension for
the rest of his life in the monthly amount of 4900, I have verified all income documentation.

The wife is a stay at home mom, taking care of her two little ones. There are 2 small terriers that
are 100% trained, and I got a 250 dollar pet fee that will be going to you automatically as the tenants
will not get this back.

I go very well on first impressions and they were very very nice people. Their rent history showed up
online in the background with only 3 late pays, and their rent was 1500 per month we are actually
lowering it 252.00 this is a positive, and they are 3.5 times the rent amount.

If your okay with these tenant, please reply back tenant approved and I will start working on the Lease as
they wish to move-in tomorrow. They currently stay at Military housing and its expensive and very small
for their family. When I showed them your home they loved it!!! and went to US Bank to get the full
security deposit and first month rent all upfront plus the pet fee.

Renters Warehouse commented on 04/13/2016