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Welcome to Eagle Transmission We are located in Irving, Texas - in the heart of the DFW metroplex. Transmission Repair in Irving, Dallas by Eagle Transmission


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Eagle Transmission Repair and Transmission Service Irving

I feel I was over charged for poor work that was done to my car.

Please do not take your car to Eagle Transmissions in Irving. I was lied to regarding the problem with my car. Chris is the manager at this location. He told me one thing was wrong with my car and it was totally something different. I needed a transmission rebuild and NOT just a solenoid block. This solenoid block would not take care of the complete problem. I told him I did not want to spend $600.00 if it would not fix the entire problem. So I decided to take it to another shop and i called 3 other shops. I called Chris and told him they were 275-350 and why was he charging me 600. He said I will service and take out the fluids. I said ok. Now the other shop told me I needed a transmission rebuild and I told Chris this info. Chris said it didn't show that with us. So I asked that he put it back on the tester to make sure, because I didn't know if the other shop would try and get over on me as well. So Chris put it back on the tester and said it just shows the one code, which shows I need the solenoid block. So I let him fix my car or so I thought. Not even the same day after going through all the traffic to get home, my car starts to do the same thing. I called him right away and he said to bring it back. But of course they would be closed by then. So since I took off work that entire day and some days prior because of transmission problems I could not go the next day. Now it is 7 days later my car was doing the same thing...hesitating in drive and jerking, which is exactly what it was doing, nothing more, nothing less. The end result is I told him NOT to fix my car if it showed I needed transmission rebuild because I could not afford it. This company did it anyway, knowing i needed more that just the s-block. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THIS LOCATION IN IRVING UNLESS YOU GET IT IN WRITING THAT THIS WILL INDEED FIX THE CAR. I feel he wanted to make money no matter how he could make it. I hope he enjoyed the commission. PS...ladies please take someone with you.


I'm sorry that you felt that you were mislead in your car repair with us. We strive to make every car repair as perfect for you as we can. We feel that everything was explained to you up front and that a simple repair was going to be the best way to try and save you some money. Our company doesn't want to sell you something you don't need and that is why we recommended replacing the electronics first. Often times this all you need to repair the problem you had. We explained to you in the beginning the solenoid block was bad whether or not your transmission needed to be rebuilt could be better determined once the computer was reading correctly. It simply went into failsafe mode with the new solenoid block and a further repairs to the transmission were needed. In the future, we will always give our customers the option of a lesser repair in order to try and save them some money.

Eagle Transmission Repair and Transmission Service Irving commented on 08/17/2011