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Pawsitive Attention Pet Services

100 percent reliable, customer-focused, trustworthy service!

I used Pawsitive Attention Pet Services for three years before I moved to Seattle. They are super trustworthy! I would call Rachel last minute to see if she could stop by and walk the dogs, and whatever I asked, she did. I always felt comfortable that my dogs were well taken care of, and it seemed that my dogs knew and were comfortable with the staff. It was an overall good experience, and I always felt good about using them!

I liked whenever the dog walkers left a note behind saying something like "Great walk!" or "Did playtime!" I felt better when they left a note behind. When they didn't, I still knew they had been there, but I didn't have that additional sign that the dogs had a walk. It would be great if they had some sort of a branded note card saying something positive like, "Great walk!" I'm in marketing, so I gravitate to things like that. But I think it would be a good thing for the business!


Thank you so much for the review, Gabriela! We miss the kids so much :)

Appreciate the suggestion about the note cards; we do offer our free photo blog to all of our clients at with pictures from each day that we visit. All the pictures we have of our many visits with C & B are still there, titled by date of visit.

I hope you've settled well into your new home :)

Pawsitive Attention Pet Services commented on 06/06/2014