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Safety of Customer Belongings at America's Best

After reviewing various America's Best locations and not finding anything that indicated there were any issues at stores situated near to the Miami International Airport, an appointment was made for February 4th 2016 at 3144 North Miami Avenue, Miami FL, 33127 for an eye examination. Upon my family's arrival at the airport, we proceeded to this location for the appointment and parked the vehicle given to us by the rental company in the car park of America's Best mere feet away from their front door. Within an hour of our arrival there, our vehicle was broken into and our luggage was stolen. Our luggage contained our passports, visas, laptops, cell phones, credit cards etc. As we had not yet arrived at our final destination these documents were stashed in our carry on pieces as we did not expect to have stayed more than half hour at America's Best. As the manager of the store became aware of our predicament, only then was it mentioned to us that this particular store of America's Best had been experiencing a spate of robberies within recent times and the management and staff of this store did not see it fit to inform any of the customers coming into the store to be mindful of where they were parked. While I understand the company will not want to scare away potential clients, I believe it’s far more damaging to the company's reputation to not mention something as important as probable robberies at the store.
We were also told because of the robberies, video cameras had to be installed in the car park but they were of no use to us as we were not able to see the faces of those that committed the crime.

America's Best, for this indiscretion, you get one star as you demonstrated YOU DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AT ALL by failing to provide security in the car park area of your business or at least discreetly mentioning to persons to amplify the checks they already provide to their vehicles parked in YOUR car park. It does not matter whether you share the car park with the bank and other business places located nearby, something other than cameras that cannot zoom in on the faces of persons frequenting there should have been implemented knowing what you all knew.............
Way to go America's Best, such a caring and thoughtful company..........