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Emergency Pet Clinic


STAY AWAY FROM THIS VET CLINIC DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr Melena McClure in the New Braunfels office butchered our greyhound our poor baby was worst off after we took Mellow to this clinic. Our greyhound Mello had an accident on a Friday night and we decided to take him to this vet for an emergency service as he had a wound in the area by his back leg that was rather large. I asked this vet as I always do on any new vet are you familiar with greyhounds and that was all I was able to ask as Dr. McClure as she decided to comp an attitude and tell me yes she knows about greyhounds. (Greyhounds are a breed all there own there blood work it different among many other things. Blood work on a greyhound can be misinterpreted as being bad when actually for a greyhound it can be perfectly normal). I WAS FAR from comfortable with her bed side manners as I was treated like I did not know greyhounds. I left our baby there and I knew better I should have left with him for that I am at fault and live with that guilt. When I picked him up after 2:00 AM and $1000.00 later he looked miserable. This is when I really started to question this wound why there was not a drain tube put in (this was not my first rodeo with greyhounds as we have 7) she stated she could not place a tube in that location. I further questioned her about this her answer was told "I just couldn't". By this time I knew I was getting no where with her so I left. Well we noticed he was not moving much thinking he was just hurting so he did not want to get up. Well by Monday morning we had some major issues develop being she did not place a tube in the would it was severally infected. I personally think the reason she did not place the tube in she knew it would get infected and he would have to come back to her OVER MY DEAD BODY WOULD I EVER TAKE HIM BACK TO HER!!!!!! We got to our vet and left him there, when we talked to our vet that after noon he advised it was not good. The wound was highly infected and we had a lot of dead tissue when we finally got to see our baby that Monday evening it was AWFUL almost to a point of sicking. He had a wound in his side about the size of a orange and you could stick your hand inside of it. During his surgery our vet got a drain tube in to stop any future issues. By this time it was his second surgery within two days and hes an older greyhound at 11. We were already on pins and needles after this second surgery not knowing what would happen with him. We just did not know what we were going to do with the wound as this point so many things were discussed, stitching it a little at a time, skin graft or just leave it open. Our vet did advise us at this time the tension with the stitches that were paced by Dr McClure were extremely tight. This was the reason Mello was not able to stretch his leg as well as it was causing some tearing on the inside tissue due to the tension being to tight. Mello was so miserable and you could tell he was in a great deal of pain. So much so that our Vet gave him a pain patch to help out with his discomfort along with pain medications. He stayed with our vet over night and we got to see him on Tuesday which he did let him come home. We got home and all he wanted to do was lay around which is totally understandable. We needed to take him for a follow up on Wednesday which we did and our vet said it was looking good even though this hole that was created As we were loading him up the Femoral Vein ruptured (As it was visible in the hole of the wound) so we rushed him back in and yes he had a third surgery within 5 days. During this procedure he cleaned up more dead tissue and skin and got the bleeding to stop. When we saw Mello that afternoon I wanted to cry our baby was just laying there not moving he was so heavily sedated. I just crawled and laid in the floor with him talking to him and letting him know we love him and he would be coming home soon. Mello stayed with our Vet until Monday of the following week and we got to bring him home finally. Over time the wound has healed on its on with daily hydro therapy it took about a month for this to heal all on its own. This whole thing could have been avoided she Dr McClure had placed a drain tube in its obvious to me know that all she was concerned about was making more money and not our baby.